discovery #22

the sting of rejection.

not really the way i wanted to kick-off my week of writing and relaxation, but i guess it’s a necessary evil. if i want to be successful as a writer, i am going to need a lot of determination—and a very thick skin. after reading the e-mail, i realized that the thought of rejection never crossed my mind. i only pictured my article posted on the collaborative blog, happy in knowing i had shared myself with a wider audience.

walking back to the house i started thinking about the other times in my life that i have dealt with rejection. not making the cheerleading squad in the 6th grade, because they said i was too quiet (which if you know me now is causing squeals of laughter). and most recently, after an incredible second interview with the CEO of a local non-profit; a job for which i was barely qualified. but it didn’t seem so bad since i hadn’t expected to get the job…i was just proud i actually got that far.

what i’ve realized is that it’s the anticipation of success that causes the most pain. expectations are dangerous, they can often be an invitation for disappointment. and often we’re much happier without the pressure of their presence. but that seems a bit depressing at the same time.

if i lived my life without the expectation of success, i would never accept a challenge. i would never set goals outside my comfort zone. i would never make steps toward growth. life would be pretty boring if i did everything to avoid rejection and disappointment. i would miss out on valuable opportunities to learn and to make adjustments for the future. i would simply maintain the status quo.

i refuse to limit myself to things that are easy. i choose to set goals that seem outrageous to others. for me, i need that challenge. i thrive on the adrenaline that accompanies risk, and with it the possibility of failure.

and it makes the taste of success that much sweeter.

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