i absolutely love this post by susannah conway! and i would love some smiley love too! since i started this blog in june 2009, i have had 22 comments. i now have over 100 posts...22 comments makes me a bit sad. i can't be the ONLY one thinking this stuff, where's the love?

i've been doing a bit of a "review" again after 6 months...and definitely hope the next half of my year will include more connection with other bloggers (and friends who follow!) and i know you're out there...my cousin convinced me to get into my analytics file the other day.

i remember a while back, i read another post that talked about this...maybe we just have to ask for what we need. i am craving that connection right now, perhaps i'm just a bit needy this month. so, let me know you're there...just a quick :) to say hi! i'm not expecting 100 responses like susannah, but maybe 4 or 5 would be a start.

are you there?

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