i've been talking about this a lot lately since my lifestyle makeover kicked into high gear, but balance is essential to my mental and physical health. i totally loved my new friend sara's post on the subject today. you can check it out here.  she completed her wheel...so i thought i'd have a go at it and compare to a similar exercise i did a few months ago when i was feeling the pressure of my UNbalanced lifestyle. 

it's a little hard to make out, but if you squint, you will probably see that a significant portion of my "wheel" was made up of WORK and SLEEP. i completed this one by hours per week spent, which is probably fairly close to what they are now (except i have cut down my commuting hours considerably).  the difference is: the way my days are structured makes me FEEL like i have more time for the remaining 30% of my daily hours.

back up to the wheel of life...i'm feeling pretty good about my scores (the idea is scoring each "piece" 1-10, with 10 being the best they can be). and they appear very much in line with my priorities...which rank closely to the following list:
david ("romance")
personal growth
physical environment

what would your wheel look like? are there things you can do to start upping the scores in your priority zones? i guess i should start with myself...physical environment is pretty low with a 7. but who has time to clean the apartment when you're: romancing your husband, training for a triathlon, learning spanish, having wine with friends, painting in your studio, starting a business, and NOT worrying about money????

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