discovery #33

that david and i can install track lighting!

today was major reno day at the studio...we went through 15 gallons of joint compound trying to fill in the mess left from the old chalkboards. but the biggest discovery was how to put up track lights in a room with approx. 20-foot ceilings.  let's just say my macgyver-esque husband got creative when the 8 foot track couldn't be held steady by his 5'5 wife. cue the long handle attachment for the paint roller...perfect.

i have also discovered as of late how important lighting is.  it can often dictate my mood, as i get quite irritable if forced to stay in fluorescent lighting for too long. in my office i brought in a nice little lamp, in my house i have twinkly lights year round...and the studio would be no different.  see what they looked like when we moved in last month?
i had to get the lanterns up as quick as possible!

i can't wait to see how it all turns out for the opening next weekend. david will sand and paint the walls while i'm at work tomorrow and i'll do the floors later this week. i'm sure i'll post pictures of the opening (if not here, then at the studio blog) so you can see the finished product.

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