discovery #34

that 6 weeks is really not long enough to get ready for a triathlon

my first day back in the pool was friday, 5/7. on sunday, 6/6 i will swim half a mile, followed by a 12-mile bike, and then run the final 3.1 miles. please know that i can easily manage all three of these things separately. (well, i've been taking some rest breaks in the pool, but don’t tell my sister) now i'm starting to think that it might be a little more difficult once i have to do all three AT.THE.SAME.TIME.

but this is it…this is my last shot. i am already three years over my goal of completing a tri on my 30th birthday. the MRI of my knees makes it pretty clear this may be the last time i run unless being chased by a madman. i am relying on the fact that adrenaline will push me through the lack of endurance and total disregard for the training schedule my sister created for me in february.

i can do this. i want to do this. i am not too proud to crawl across the finish line. (do you think they let you wear knee pads?) i will be like the little engine that could. the tortoise. hopefully not the little boy in this video....

who needs training and fancy equipment when you have determination and a 10-year-old speedo? see jane swim. see jane bike. see jane run.

but please…don't see jane fall down, skin her knees, and get picked up by the first aid truck.

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