happy birthday baby

{thirty for thirty}
30 things i love about you

    • your artist's heart
    • road trip talks
    • your eyelashes
    • your fearless mountain biking skills
    • how you kiss my forehead
    • you always put the toilet paper the {right} way
    • you tell me i'm beautiful every chance you get
    • your sense of humor
    • morning nookie
    • you encourage me as an artist
    • your hands
    • your mastery of the DS
    • your affinity for vintage shops
    • your commitment to social justice
    • your ability to look good in a black undershirt
    • when you speak spanish in your sleep
    • your love of comic books
    • you are a master of the {super-date}
    • you always listen
    • you aren't afraid to tell the truth
    • dancing everywhere – even in the parking lot
    • your commitment to your dreams
    • when you translate love songs for me
    • you are honest about your desire for children
    • your love of carnival rides
    • you believe in kissing and making up
    • your willingness to always sit outside at restaurants
    • you know how to cheer me up
    • your love of books
    • the way your eyes light up when you haven't seen me in a while


  1. Wow--sounds like a catch! :-) Beautifully written.

    What month were you born?

  2. i'm a lucky gal...what can i say? my birthday is coming soon, july 20.

  3. I am a day older than you! We are the same sign. Interesting....