my new life

i think i could really get used to this new schedule...woke up to a gorgeous 70-degree morning, with not a cloud in the sky...dropped off d at work and headed over to rice university to run at my favorite tree-lined loop. i knocked out 3 miles at a steady pace (note: the triathlon is in exactly one month!?!?) and drove home, arm out the window, cool breeze flowing around me. i used to envy those people i'd see running on a wednesday morning...how could they be out enjoying the sunshine when i was cooped up in an office all day?  and now i'm one of them...those people...the ones that get to read books in the park and have long lunches and avoid traffic jams.

here's a list of a few things i'm looking forward to doing (and not doing) with my new 3-day work week:
  • sitting at the apartment pool on a thursday afternoon
  • not taking PTO for dentist appointments
  • cooking delicious meals
  • long, uninterupted time to write
  • painting all day at the studio
  • avoiding the after-work rush at the grocery store
  • taking my first e-course
  • being able to read while not standing up on the train to work
  • having time to connect with my fellow creative bloggers and actually comment!
  • training for the triathlon...and swimming much more
  • learning to use my camera WITHOUT the automatic function
  • moving closer to my dream of a creative life

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  1. Awesome x one million!