creative juices

flow baby, flow! i don't know if it's just this new sense of freedom or watching this or reading this...

but i'm definitely in a "peak" (if you watch madeline's video, you'll know what i mean). i'm bursting with ideas and going crazy trying to get everything else done. i love what madeline says about just going for it when you're in the creative zone...the laundry will get done eventually. i totally relate with so many of the things she talked about and it was nice to hear it articulated.

so, here are a few of the things i'm working on right now...

you may remember these little cards from my antiquing expedition a few weeks ago.  i nailed them onto an old cutting board (also found that day) and i'm loving the start to a new mixed media piece.

and this is the lovely mess i made tonight while d was taking a post-dinner snooze...it's the first time i've actually worked in the studio in our apartment (probably b/c the boxes finally disappeared sometime last week).  i went to my favorite art supply store  yesterday and they have these little packets of scrap papers that i always love to look through...and i got a primo pack...i loved almost everything inside!

it inspired me to start putting some backgrounds together for new mixed media pieces and apparently i got a little carried away. what you see above is only part of the 16 pieces i laid out. if you've read any posts about my art process you'll know that this is totally my style:  assembly line all the way.  but i've never laid out this many at once before.  now, if only my acrylic medium weren't at the REAL studio, i could actually get something done!

and speaking of the studio...tomorrow is the big renovation day.  you can see a few pics here from when i was there on wednesday. the guys pulled down the old chalkboards, so tomorrow will be focused on filling in the mess with joint compound and trying to create some actual walls to hang art on. and since the opening is in exactly one week, it's probably pretty important. and the fact that i sent an invitation to over 100 people yesterday is bumping up the anxiety factor even more.

so i will go back to my new mantra: trust the process. and trust that guy at home depot who promised me that huge 5-gallon tub of gunk would do the trick.

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  1. How awesome that you're in such a great creative place! I love it when that happens! Your art is beautiful! One day, when I have just a bit more time, I will get back into painting and mixed media...unfortunately there's just not extra right now. Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm so glad that my video was something that resonated with you!