i've been thinking a lot lately about my desire to connect more with the blog community...and my total lack of dedication to taking action toward this goal. i have a couple dozen blogs in my reader, probably less than ten that i hit regularly...how difficult is it to throw out a comment now and then to let them know i'm reading?  that i'm thinking the same things, that i love their photo/art piece/poem? how do i expect to connect if i don't put myself out there?

the funny thing about writing that last line is that i'm a super-outgoing person in {real life}. i've noticed that many bloggers talk about their more introverted nature, which for them makes blogging so liberating. i'm usually the one to put myself in the middle of the room and tell stories until a group gathers around me. (yes, it's safe to assume that i like to be the center of attention...just ask my family.) is that what this is about...wanting more attention?  more comments, more "followers," more page views?

what i've realized today is that i don't have any open invitations for people to do any of those things. there isn't an RSS feed, an e-mail address, even a little line that says "i want to hear from you!" like so many of my fellow bloggers. so tonight, as i sit alone with d out of town, on a {friday night}--i don't have to work again until sunday!--i am going to correct this problem. with my new work schedule, i now have the time to truly explore this community that has given me so much inspiration over the past year. i am now committing to building relationships with other creative women and putting in the effort to make the connections i have been craving.

here we go...


  1. I'm trying to get more involved in the community as well, but want to balance how much time I'm blogging/reading blogs and actually writing! Thanks for stopping by my blog on your journey. :-)

  2. the blogging world is a funny little world...an entire universe that is separate from my own "real" world. I battle your predicament all the time. I'm the introvert, so to be "out there" takes some energy. I always enjoy coming to see what you are up to though. :)

  3. It can be difficult finding a good balance of real life vs. blog life. I had to take a break this spring and let work take over.

    Your studio looks brilliant and I'm so happy that you and your husband have a place to grow creatively. When ever we settle down, I'm going to buy some collaging supplies and create my own artistic space in the world (aside from the blog).

  4. thanks for the comments...it must be working!

    @ barrett - your profile is blocked, where can i find you?

    @ still life - when will you be back in the states again? art party at my place!