i am an artist

today i will call myself an artist.  david and i had our gallery opening this weekend...preview party last night and open studio all day today.  i am exhausted and exhilarated.  why you ask?  i showed my artwork, people looked at it, and i


i actually sold my second piece too, but that was to my dad, so it doesn't really count. it was pouring rain all weekend, but we didn't care...and neither did our guests...it was so fun to finally be in our own space.

we've spent the better part of two weeks completing all the renovations...you can take a peek here. we're official...and we even got our DBA letter in the mail last week to prove it. our dream of mariposa studio is finally real.

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  1. Congratulations-your blog is lovely....just stopped by via The Flying Lessons e-course. - Robin