creative day!

i can't wait for tomorrow!!!! it is the first class of my creative writing workshop AND my sister is coming over for our first chagall and chardonnay party!!! they have this local event called "pinot and picasso"...which looks cool (but is way too expensive and you have to copy their choice of picasso painting, so we're going to do it OUR WAY!) i got her canvas all prepped tonight and laid out all of my "new" supplies, it's going to be so much fun to do art together.

casey is actually the artistic one...she took art classes in high school and college, and did some awesome photojournalism stuff too. so, i'm curious to see what she comes up with. i have my milos trilogy which has been sitting 1/2 finished for a couple weeks, so i'll try to get those done as well as my BIG PAINTING! i'm going to try for a night skyline...the background is all grey-black, but i'm still scared to go all the way. tonight driving home from work i was looking at the buildings, trying to get some inspiration. (and the wine will probably help my anxiety too!)

so, i should have some new artwork up soon...it's been way too long. i'm also planning to spend some time in my studio on saturday, hopefully experimenting with the wax i bought a few weeks ago. i'm finally getting over my organizing phase, and back into creative mode. i'll be sure to post artwork asap!

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