my balance experiment

well, it worked...i am FINALLY feeling normal again. i don't even know what that means when i type it, but i certainly feel that the balance has been restored. it seems that the simple act of awareness allowed me to monitor my inner scale and make modifications as needed. it reminded me a lot of my weight watchers days: making a goal for the week, planning for slip-ups, forgiving myself for them, and celebrating my accomplishments. ww was perfect for me, the program realizes that we are human, accounts for error, and understands that i still need mint chocolate chip ice cream on a regular basis. (and i lost about 30 pounds...which never returned in the 3 years since!!)

so, i'm done with the experiment...but it also taught me that i can blog every day if i put my mind to it. now i just have to apply that concept to writing more formally. i have begun taking steps toward the dream and hope to spend some time at the beach house next weekend getting my ideas-notes-scribbles-thoughts-dreams organized. no one ever said dream chasing was easy...baby steps, my friends.


and speaking of organization...look at this transformation!?!? (thank goodness for rainy sunday's and a cancelled mountain bike expedition)....

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