discovery #13

ARToberFEST...and a whole other side of galveston...

a while back i was researching art festivals in the area and came across ARToberFEST just down the road in galveston!! the festival runs down post office in downtown, and apparently we had never ventured over to this art-gallery-hip part of town. it was such a gorgeous fall day, tons of vendors, street musicians, and an eclectic coffee shop made for a perfect afternoon. a few artists we particularly liked were: carol moseley's rock art and oil-painted B&W photos by robin renee hix.

david and i were excited to see what texas artisans were up to, and i discovered a whole new world of possibilities. with formal training as an artist, david was never keen on selling his work, and definitely not into an art fest type setting. but as we talked more about creating some collaborative pieces and saving money for our dream-RV...it became a point for discussion.

as we walked around looking at the various artists and mediums, we saw a place for ourselves at the table. now, for me this was crazy-talk...as i (just a few months ago) stated that i had no intention of trying to sell my "stuff." but the more david has encouraged me about my mixed media pieces, and the feedback i have received online, i may have to reconsider.

but until that time comes, i'll be happy with my play-time in the studio...and definitely hanging out in that area of galveston more often! we also found some great buys at an antique store right there, and i'm sure i'll be posting about that later!!

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  1. thanks for enjoying my work in the art show in Galveston ! Your collages are very cool ! Robin Renee Hix