i just love looking through my photographs...we have decided to re-do the "theme" in our bedroom (it was all my china photos and an amazing painted canvas strung over our bed), but we are changing everything out for MILOS! hopefully i can get some before/after pics...
and david and i are going to do a collaborative painting for above the bed.

who needs the gym when you only sit down for 30 minutes all day. i actually sat at my desk to scarf down a smart ones veggie lasagna and some yogurt...the rest of the day was INSANE.
we made delicious fish tacos for dinner...oh, and does kissing count as exercise???

hmmmm, does tgif mean anything? i am also thankful for sexy candlelit dinners with my
hubby and knowing that i don't have to set the alarm tonight. (but i will b/c i'm getting
up for yoga class at 8am)

i had a very stressful day at work, but the minute i got in the car i made a promise to use my "balloon imagery." put all of that stress and patient-drama in the helium balloon, tie it up tight and LET IT GO. (deep breath in. and exhale. repeat if necessary.)

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