creative writing exercise #1

so, 1/2 of my "creative day" fell through, but the other half was awesome! we're supposed to get crazy-rain tonight, they're predicting flooding...so my sis bailed on our date night. (but we're rainchecking on saturday...so there WILL be art to post!) but my first class of the creative writing workshop was tonight, and i am so glad i decided to sign up. we did an exercise at the end of class where we came up with 10 words as a group and then had 10 minutes to write a story using at least 8 of them. here is what i wrote:

hospital, hats, hope, walk, couch, ring, elevator, pencil, music, smoking

i walked into the hospital not knowing what to expect and fearing the worst. the people outside, smoking furiously, echoed my sense of nervousness. the piano music in the lobby was a sharp contrast to the panic that was building inside. increasing as i reached the elevator and pressed the floor of the ICU. families were gathered on the couches, the floor, exhausted and defeated--hoping for a doctor with good news. i spun my wedding ring on my finger as i do when i'm anxious, and approached the secretary to ask the dreaded question: "where is my husband?" she slowly moved her pencil down the list of names, it seemed like hours, waiting for her to locate the information, create a name tag, and move me toward the door. at the threshold i paused, ever so slightly, to take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other.

breathe. breathe.

and there he was. tangled in a mass of tubes and wires, but he was there. i laid my hand on his, and felt instant calm.
i actually volunteered to read it aloud as well! i really like the format of the workshop...we read a piece (rotating between fiction and non) and then discuss the author's style, use of imagery, etc. we also each do a 5-10 page story to submit for critique from the group. i have a few weeks until mine is due, but i'm already nervous about what i should write about. and she gives us exercises, homework, etc. each week as well.

i'm a little disappointed i'll be out of town next week, especially since there are only 7 classes, but i'll still get the peer stories to review and we received all of the readings today. i'm so excited...i feel like i'm taking my first leap into becoming a better writer--and being more disciplined in my efforts.

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