i'm not sure if i ever highlighted this one...but it has ended up being one of my favorites. i love this style...with the textured paper underneath a basic paint color. i layered on the white to give it more depth and the tree is done with pencil (free hand, but with this as a guide)...i told you i was CREATIVE, not artistic!
well, i skipped the gym as planned for tonight, but was very productive at home. i seem to fall into this pattern (especially at the end of the week)...where i have a rough day at work and all i want to do is come HOME. but i made a delicious dinner of turkey loin and grilled asparagus with some leftover rice. mmmm

today i am thankful for beautiful skies...i wish i had my camera! also for delicious coffee and some time tonight to make art.

i did a load of laundry, which is a big accomplishment...i always leave it to the weekend, then get mad that i spend my whole saturday chained to the garage!

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