you probably can't see the best part of this one unless you blow it up, but i used gesso-paint to make the textured parts and went over it with the gray paint...LOVE IT!!! i am a big texture person for paintings, and i really want to get better at using it in my artwork. (the photo was taken from the top of the ferris wheel on santa monica pier)

walked 3 miles this morning...WAY too hot/humid to run, what's up with the 80' temps in October!??!

i am thankful for the skills i have gained as a social worker. quick story: on two separate occasions today someone was trusting enough to allow themselves to break-down in tears with me. i am grateful that i can share that space with another person and help the hurt--if just a little bit. and i am so grateful for blog-breaks...my brain was about to explode at 2pm today and i refreshed myself with the view of kelly rae roberts' beautiful paintings.

walking outside. any chance i get to be outdoors, i'll take it...i get so frustrated when i'm at work all day and feel TRAPPED!

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  1. Wow, I just love this piece. I clicked on it to view up close (before I read your comment to do so) and I loved it even more. It's the texture and the colors and the fine balance in the composition. Listen to me, I sound all arsty fartsy!
    Anyway, love stopping by your blog. I got your comment earlier and it reminded me to stop in to "see" your projects.
    And yes, I love Sarah-Ji. She's one of my favorite Shutter Sisters. :) Her photos inspire me!