my canvas, compared to my usual album cover size

okay, i have been staring at this HUGE piece of wood for over a week. i haven't really painted or worked on mixed media during this time either. i have been dreaming of doing a big piece for a while, but ended up with a large "canvas" by total accident.

quick backstory: if you've seen any of the entries about my art you know that i use either photo album covers or old tiles as my surfaces. the albums are about 12x12 and the tiles 9x9...i love squares and i am enjoying this small size. but i'm about out of both items and was curious about doing some work with wax and needed a sturdier base.

so, this is how i ended up at lowe's in the lumber yard with a 2'x2', asking for them to cut it down into (4) you guessed it: 12x12's. but, that particular day the saw was broken and they couldn't do it. so i decided to just GO FOR IT and bought the whole thing. i came straight home and prepped it with gesso. then it sat and sat and sat...just taunting me there on the floor of my studio.

tonight i am going to put something on it. i usually don't plan any of my mixed media pieces, it's more of a free-flow kinda thing, but i'm obviously terrified of "messing up" my nice big canvas. i know by typing these words i am making a commitment to take a chance. who cares if i don't like it...is it any different than the album covers i haven't liked? NO. can i paint over it and start again? YES.

this is the end of my pep talk: cowboy-up girlfriend...it's only paint. what are you afraid of? make a mess...at least you know you're good at that part.

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