a perfect weekend

we were at the beach house in galveston this weekend...and i have to say it was pretty close to my idea of perfection. got there friday night and joined my family on the balcony, cold beers and good conversation, with the sound of the ocean as our background music. ended the night with an all-girls dance party...HILARIOUS!!!
saturday we woke up to a gorgeous sunny morning, with a perfect chill to the air. (autumn was actually here for a couple days!!) i went out onto the balcony with my delicious coffee and read SARK while looking out at the waves. then we all got ready and headed out for the art festival downtown (see my discovery post for more), with a perfect blue-sky-no-clouds afternoon filled with art, music, antique shopping, and time with the fam. then back to the house for an incredible sunset, and everyone pitching in to create a delicious meal. and of course, top it off with games...i was in heaven.
and today was just as great...perfect weather again (well, from inside!) david and i walked down to the beach to the gym--me with my hands over my ears to protect from the wind!! after our work-out we spent some time relaxing, reading, watching a movie and then time to hit the road. and even the drive home was fun...taking pictures and picking up fajitas from our favorite, taqueria del sol!
ahhh, i don't want it to end. but i know throughout the week when things get crazy, i can look back on these photos and the memories of a perfect weekend.

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