discovery #14

i have been PLANNING more than i've been DOING lately.

i'm in this crazy brainstorming, list-making, organizing, note-taking, in-my-head, idea-forming haze lately. i know it's my creative juices flowing, i get like this when i'm inspired to dream bigger than i had been previously. i've been thinking a lot about dream-chasing, which i've realized is really close to "creating the life i want," yet so different. dreamers seem to get a bad rap, labeled as irresponsible, disorganized, flighty.

but someone who CREATES the life she wants, now that's a go-getter, pro-active, goal-driven kinda gal. my favorite quote is: "life isn't about finding yourself. life is about creating yourself." (unknown) in our 20's i think most of us were dream-chasers; seeking what we thought we wanted/needed...a great (paying) job, prestige, tons of friends, power, and a house full of STUFF.

by the time we reached 30, most of us realized that half of that crap was worthless and the only thing of value was our relationships with others. now is when the fun begins...we get to throw out all of those antiquated ideas of who we were and what was important, and begin constructing the life we were meant to lead. but to be honest, i think i'm a bit of both: flighty dreamer and go-getter. the creator part turns me off mostly because i'm more of a kismet, serendipitous, what's-meant-to-be type. i hate the old: "what's your five year plan? set goals, action steps, blah.blah.blah." but lately i've totally been doing this...and it feels like i'm being too RESPONSIBLE. planning, schmanning...

but i love that i'm dreaming so big these days. i love that david is actively nourishing my creative spirit. i love that not only am i creating the life i want for myself, but together we are figuring out how to make our individual dreams come true together. wow, that sounds even cheesier on screen than in my head, but i don't care. that's what the exploration phase is for, putting all the ideas out on the table, even the crazy ones. and i do love to explore...

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